Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Tragic End to a Legacy

Death Notice

Shortly after her birth in 1989 in a far away country the Integra found it's way to the wonderful US of A. Most of her early history is unknown but in 2000 a young returned missionary fell in love with her and knew they would be together for a long time. He took her home and they had many great adventures together. Tragically their time together was cut short when she was side swiped by a driver who failed to yield at an intersection late Friday afternoon. Although there were numerous emergency vehicles who responded to the accident the Integra was beyond saving. Many bystanders had to cover their eyes as she was proclaimed "totaled" and towed away from the accident scene. Luckily no one else was hurt, which is to be expected of the Integra, as she was always a self sacrificing vehicle.
No formal viewing will be held, but if you would like to pay your respects the vehicle will be held at Preston's Autobody parking lot until the accident reports are finalized.
Thank you for all the great memories Integra, we will miss you!

Better Times (yes I know it shows my bubble butt!)

After the "incident"