Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello to anyone checking this. I wish I had a way of uploading some pictures, but at the moment I don't, sorry. I am having a great (HOT) time. I have been eating pretty much non-stop and will probably roll off the plane when I get home.
Mindy, I am loving my pillow case! Oh and FYI, Annie and I haven't even made it through one of our "Pound Plus" bars!!! Aren't you amazed? That is restraint.
Gina, I am using my little notebook almost every day for notes and my jounal, it has been perfect.
And Jenni I have been using the sarong you brought back from Costa Rica for me as my blanket on planes, trains and automobiles!
Hope everyone is well back home. I am sad I missed my favorite holiday the 4th of July. You all better have celebrated extra hard for me. XOXO from Vietnam.