Saturday, December 12, 2009

What I Have Been Up To

A few people have asked what I've been up to since I haven't updated the blog in a while. Well, I have just been busy building my dream house!

I know I will be very happy (and large) living here.

I was going to do a quick recap of the last few months, but it is anything but quick...


Over Thanksgiving I was able to hang out with my favorite cousins. Even if it was for just one night it was great.

Megan got to stay up late enough to join the party for a little while. Isn't she dang cute?!

Hiking Club

Now that the weather has gotten cold, the hiking club has become the "Whatever Club"

Hunting Snakes

Searching for the Weeping Lady in the Cemetery

Tummy Yummies

Crystal Hot Springs (it was just too cold to hike!)

Scary Movie Night

Halloween 2009

The "Tooth Fairy" at work

My fairy friend Brynn (I need to hire her seamstress)

Jake wouldn't dress up this Halloween - is anyone surprised? We had some fun trick-or-treaters and actually had some leftover candy, YAY YAY YAY!

Retaing Wall

Jake worked very hard to build a retaining wall in the backyard. I was a really big help. I glued the bricks together. I hoped to do something a bit more substantial but the cinder blocks were REALLY heavy. Don't worry, I already know I am a pansy.

Book Club Retreat

Awesome as always. I really wish this was a monthly occurrence.

Wendover Weekend

Some girls from work and I decided to head for Wendover one weekend. Nope, nobody won big, shucks!

St. George Marathon 2009

My oldest brother Wyatt ran the St. George marathon in October. Of course I went down to watch him kill my time. Thanks Wyatt.

Easton showing off the medal (and his muscles)

Hiking with my dad

Lots of fun rocks to play around on

Visiting Gina (and Glade) in Jackson

Stephanie and I decided to drag the kids up to see Gina and Glade in September.
They were fantastic hosts and we had a blast.

This last picture is from when I visited Gina in 2005 while she was working up in Jackson for the summer. Yep, she is still just as cute!

Logan to Jackson Bike Race 2009

Go Pappa Dave!!!

Even though I didn't get to ride with Mindy this year we still managed to have fun and be a little annoying.

What the Heck?

One night we were saying good-bye to some of our friends that had come over for dinner and Jake was standing next to the wreath on the front door and he said to me, "Is this supposed to be here?" I thought he was just talking about the wreath since he is always commenting on how dumb decorations are. But he was actually looking at a little nest with eggs in it! Who knows how long is has been there, but I guess the mom didn't like the location because she has never come back:(

Boating with the Office Gals

Dr. Lambert took us all out boating one afternoon after work. His only goal was to make one of us bleed. Luckily we all walked away unscathed!