Friday, May 15, 2009

How cool is that?!?

I have been wanting to post something for a while now, but couldn't think of anything. I mean really, who cares about wrecked cars anyway? So I decided to do a shout out for a great author. Last month my book club read the book "Driving Sideways" by Jess Riley. It was a fantastic book. Anyway, our book club has a blog and Ms Riley found our post about her book and made a comment! Cool huh? I thought she was great before but after seeing that I almost think she could walk on water. It gets even better. At our book club meeting last night, Mindy (my sister-in-law) brought us all signed bookplates from the author. Now my book has an autograph, yeah! I just had to share because I love reading and authors are really amazing to me. How do they write so much and do it so well? I can barely write on my blog and I absolutely hate reading my own journal. Oh well, I guess that is why I clean teeth.