Saturday, August 8, 2009

Night Hike to the Wind Caves

I have been really wanting to do a night hike lately, day hiking just wasn't cutting for me. I had no idea anyone would be as crazy as me so I was totally shocked when my friend Melanie called and invited me to hike up to the Wind Caves with her and her sister. We left around 9:00 pm and got back home close to midnight. It was a full moon and the perfect temperature. We had a blast, well at least I did!

Please notice the tiny full moon above my head. We worked hard for this shot!

South East Asia

Isn't it really strange when something you have been looking forward to for almost a year comes and goes and you think, "what the heck, how is that over already?!". Well that is how I feel about my trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I had such a great time. I met some awesome people and saw some really amazing things.
After spending so much time around all the poor and humble people in these countries I can't help but think how blessed I am to live where I do. Heavenly Father really does know our limitations and knew I wouldn't do too well in a place like that.
Even though I loved it and can't wait for my next trip (no I don't have one planned) I am so happy to be home.
Here are a few (or more!) pictures for anyone not on facebook.