Saturday, December 12, 2009


Over Thanksgiving I was able to hang out with my favorite cousins. Even if it was for just one night it was great.

Megan got to stay up late enough to join the party for a little while. Isn't she dang cute?!


Gina and Glade said...

That was super fun! Thanks for coming over, and for the Skittles which I devoured. It was about time we got a picture of the four of us! Oh, and Megan :)

Stacy said...

Today Megan pointed to your Christmas card and said, "That's Shanna." of her own accord. I only showed it to her once right when we got it, so you must have made quite an impression on her:)

Haslem Family said...

I hope your other 'favorite cousins' aren't reading your blog. :) So good to see you!!!