Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Belated Announcement

Most everyone knows by now but I feel bad I never made a big announcement. I mean this is about the coolest news I have ever been able to share. So if you see this and already know, just pretend it is new news and be happy with me all over again!

We are having a baby! We are really excited, sometimes still in shock, but loving the idea of it (so far). Not loving being sick though:)
DUE DATE: March 13th

Jake's favorite picture

Names so far: JJ (Jake Junior), Stan, Tarak, Bob and Shack. Feel free to post any REAL name options.


Justin & Ashlee said...

Shanna! I am so excited for you guys. Congratulations! I love the pictures. You will make great parents and maybe it will be born on my b-day...March 10!

Bec said...

Wahhooooo! I'm so, so excited for you guys! You're going to love having a mini-Jake running around (unless it's like my James and me- then it will be a mini-Shanna in boy form). It's so fun having kids. Exhausting, but so fun! I cannot wait to meet him... and rub your belly again! ;) Congratulations!

PS. I think Shack Tarak sounds pretty nice. :)

Johnsens said...

Well I didn't know...so CONGRATULATIONS!! That is very exciting!

kate said...

Shanna, I love looking at those sweet pictures. YAY!!! I am soo so excited for..

Johanna Markworth said...

Happy with you all over again!!!

The Binghams said...

What! Your pregnant!? That's the coolest thing I've ever heard and or read! This little guy is going to steal your heart. You're going to love being a mom! If I haven't already said it - Congratulations.
Here is my list of names that I came up with before we found out we were having a girl. I love them all.
1. Adrian
2. Avan
3. Blaine
4. Braxton
5. Brant
6. Carter
7. Dylan
8. Emmett
9. Grayson
10. Guy
11. Xander
12. Mason
13. Chaz

Mindy said...

HOORAY!!! Leave it to Jake to be proud of his little weene. I am so excited, if you didn't know, I think you look great, and that Jake smiles like an idiot when anyone asks him about it. Very cool. March can't come fast enough!!

Jeremy & Stacy said...

oh my goodness Shanna! I had no idea you were pregnant! That is soo exciting. Kids are the best and are so much fun. Good luck! It is worth all the sickness, trust me, I was way sick also and you will feel normal again!

Maria said...

Yay! I didn't know you were pregnant. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. You will be such a good mommy :)

Haslem Family said...

I'm thrilled for you all over again! Sad I'll miss you over the Holidays!

Robyn said...

So, so, so excited for you! We love little boys--especially ones that have chubby cheeks like Jake did when he was a baby. Hope you are feeling well--take lots of naps. Wes can't wait to have a little buddy to play with. Congratulations!

shaley said...

Not sure about the names....can't wait to see the little guy. I know you will get the name right....just give it a little time....not any of those please...(maybe JJ is ok)

Andrea said...

Suweeeeeet!!! That's the best news! Very excited for you! I'm glad I checked in on you. I had no idea. Yipeeeee!

Gina and Glade said...

Yay, yay, yay! Those are awesome pictures. I wish my doc had a 3D ultrasound! Can't wait to meet the little stud.

Valerie C. said...

What the heck! Congratulations! You will be great parents and boys are great!